Kinect sensor is a supporting tool for game xbox 360, the sensor body can move to follow the movement. Kinect sensor is one of the modern technology that is created by the highly successful Microsoft made its users very impressed.

For users of the Xbox 360 is a product that should have as a support device game very exciting, to be played with family and friends Like Dance Games.

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kinect-sensorThe Kinect sensor is actually a combination of an RGB camera, Depth sensor and a Multi-Array microphone that is integrated into a sleek designed horizontal bar that provides full body motion capture for controlling selected Xbox 360 games.

The Kinect unit is in the form of a horizontal bar connected to a base via a motorized pivot. The unit is positioned below the TV screen or monitor much like the Wii Sensor bar would be.Integrated into the unit is an RGB camera, depth Spotlight Sensor (using an infrared projector and a monochrome CMOS sensor) and multi-array technology microphone.

These items work in conjunction with Microsoft’s software to achieve full-body 3D Motion Controller, facial recognition and voice recognition. The free Xbox Kinect software automatically calibrates the hardware taking into consideration the game in use and the physical environment (walls, furniture, other equipment, etc). The software is capable of tracking up to six people simultaneously.

The hardware is a combination of several distinctive technologies including an infrared sensor, a CMOS sensor and an RGB camera. The infrared sensor floods the gaming space with invisible light and enables depth perception along with the CMOS sensor.

The sensor detects how infrared light is reflected onto the scene and transfers these grayscale images to the console. This also enables the detection of movement in 3D space.



Product Features

Kinect 2.0 is a spectacular device if used properly and in opinion a necessity if we own an Xbox One.

I don’t know if it’s because since launched of the Xbox One or simply because it just makes navigating the Xbox and all it’s features so much simpler but can’t imagine not having one.

Known if something ever does happen, will be getting a replacement , just love it that much. highly recommend this device to all Xbox One owners , If you have a Kinectless Xbox One really don’t know what missing out on.

• It includes a Sensor to track your body movements and identify your voice and face.
• It consist of Color VGA Motion Camera of 640×480 pixels resolution @30FPS.
• Depth Camera: 640×480 pixel resolution @30FPS.
• Collection of four microphones which supports single speaker voice identification.
• Completely friendly with all Xbox 360 models.

360 Kinect Sensor Reviews :

Kinect Sensor review takes a look at the different components that make it a fun piece of technology.

By OrangeCrush on December 9, 2014

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To start this off, I will openly admit that I am not a fan of motion controlled gaming. Maybe its because I have been gaming for 30+ years with some sort of controller in my hand. Whatever the reason, I just vastly prefer a controller in my hand as opposed to motion controls. That being said, I absolutely LOVE what Kinect brings to the Xbox One console outside of motion controlled gaming.

My single favorite feature that Kinect brings to the console is without question Skype. I have a cousin who lives down in Florida and we play online games together at least 3-4 times a week. We actually grew up together in Michigan and we were both video game nuts back in the day. I still remember the all nighters we used to pull playing games like Karateka and the Sierra and LucasArts adventure games. Unfortunately, he moved down to Florida with his parents when I was roughly 13. As soon as Xbox Live went live back with the original Xbox, we started playing games together online. We both enjoy the same types of games so its just really great being able to play games with him even tho is he almost 1000 miles away. Anyways, we both purchased an Xbox One at launch and decided to give Skype a go. All you do is start Skype up and snap it to the edge of the frame and your good to go. The difference was truly amazing. As nice as it was playing online together, being able to see each other while playing was just amazing. Being able to see each others reactions to whats occurring in game really does make it just a vastly superior experience overall. A lot of times, well just pause the game for 5-10 minutes and just catch up with each other. Ultimately, Skype is just a FAR more personal experience than regular online gaming and after 6+ months of using this feature….well, I simply couldn’t imagine going back to the way things used to be without Skype. It truly raises the overall experience a couple of notches.

I have also become a big fan of the voice controls that Kinect enable. Being able to walk into the room and say “Xbox On”, and then being able to direct Xbox One to the game I want to play, even before I am am sitting down and have the controller in hand is just really convenient. Its a bit weird talking to your console at first, but give it a week or two and it becomes as natural as pressing buttons. Not only is it really convenient, its also faster than using a controller. Another big plus is Kinect being able to automatically recognize each user and automatically selecting the console settings for that particular user.

Last but not least, I purchased the Master Chief Collection a few weeks back and inside that game was a redemption card for the Halo TV Series, Nightfall. There was a code that you could enter or there was a big scan code on the back of the card. I absolutely HATE entering in those kinds of codes using game controllers. Its one of my biggest pet peeves with consoles in general. For some reason, Netflix used to make me sign in every time I visited the site on my Xbox 360 and it was just a total pain having to enter that info time and time again, especial using a game controller. Anyways, I had never used one of those scan codes before so I simply held up the card in front of the Kinect sensor to see if anything would happen. It instantly recognized the code and entered it into my account. I immediately got a message on screen telling me that Nightfall had been added to my account. It took all of 2 seconds and was honestly one of the easiest things I have ever done. This may not be a big deal to some, but for me…..well, I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can use those scan codes now, as opposed to entering those ridiculously long codes using my game controller. I was just in awe at how easy and convenient that whole process was. It really was instantaneous.

Its also important to note that this is definitely NOT your Xbox 360 Kinect. The Xbox One Kinect is one hardcore piece of optical equipment. You will recognize that the minute you pick it up and see it with your own eyes. Just to give a few technical specs:

1 – 1080p (Original Kinect was 640×480)
2 – Global shutter instead of a rolling shutter – reduces motion blu to less than 14 microseconds. 1 microsecond = 1,000,000th of a second.
3 – 60% wider field of view than the original Kinect
4 – Minimum distance of 4.5 feet (6 feet with original Kinect)
5 – It is capable of processing 2GB of data per second!! Yes, thats correct, 2 GB per second. Crazy!!
6 – Both color & infrared sensors
7 – 3 IR blasters (3 times the fidelity of the original Kinect)
8 – 4 microphones

Kinect 2.0 is just a quality piece of equipment, well beyond the capabilities of the Xbox 360 Kinect or any other gaming cameras on the market for that matter. There is a very good reason this sports such a hefty price tag. It truly is a beautiful and extremely high powered camera.

I actually purchased a 2nd Xbox One, the White Sunset Overdrive Bundle, and that doesn’t come with a Kinect camera. I set that console up in my bedroom and my original Xbox One is set up in my living room. Since the white Xbox One doesn’t have a Kinect camera, its given me the opportunity to jump back and forth between my Xbox One that has a Kinect and my Xbox One that doesn’t have a Kinect. As beautiful as the white Xbox One is, it just feels empty without a Kinect. In all honesty, it really doesn’t even feel like the same console. It only took about a week before I decided I was definitely buying a 2nd Kinect for my white Xbox One. Hopefully MS will release a white Kinect. If they don’t, I will simply buy a standard version and spray paint it white.

Bottom line – even if your like me and absolutely hate motion control gaming, there are still plenty of reasons why you would want to add a Kinect to your console and I have no doubt that as time goes on, there will only be more reasons for wanting to own one. At least for me, Skype is the only app I need to make Kinect a worthwhile investment. Everything else is just a bonus in my book. Skype has significantly improved my online game sessions with my cousin and again, I just couldn’t imagine going back to gaming without it. I was actually one of the people who was legitimately upset with MS that they were making me buy a Kinect with my Xbox One. I owned one for my Xbox 360 and I never used it. I felt like I was spending $100 on something I was never going to use, that is until I actually used it. Now…..well, now I can’t imagine an Xbox One without it.

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