Kinect is made to be used with a gaming console, the very popular Xbox 360. Kinect can be likened to Nintendo’s creation, Wii. Kinect has just been launched in North America. Will release in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Europe.

When games were limited by characters that are confined behind television sets, controllers that give limited freedom to users, and couches that predispose their masters to pulmonary embolism.

With the introduction of the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor in the market of the new generation, millions of people from around the world became astonished with its current innovations in the gaming industry, such as unparalleled game graphics, interactive gameplay, and online kinect-sensor2capability.

In this time and age, the same company has invented a new type of innovation that will take video gaming to a whole new level: the Xbox 360 with Kinect Sensor.

Kinect also has voice recognition, which will recognize your voice enabling you to control the game.


Connect to the Kinect sensor

Kinect sensor allows you to bring the games to life. You are the controller, by the sound of your voice and even a wave of your hand. Kinect  sensor tracking and voice recognition.

If you already own an Xbox 360, you just need to connect the Kinect to it in order to make the motion sensor device to work. The USB extension is made up for the usage of Wi-Fi dongle, and for some other external use, could be used to play online games all around the world.

Well, the device requires some measurements as well, in order to make it work, it requires the user to be six feet away from the source so that the Kinect sensor could easily read it up.

Whenever you turn on your Xbox 360, Kinect sensor will do the Human detection, in doing so it will capture the frame of the user and would calibrate with the vocals as well. Xbox and Kinect sensor never make mistakes when talking the voice commands.

360 Kinect Sensor Description:sensor

1. Motion Sensor Control: Kinect sensor gaming experience in which the player becomes the controller. Playing a game is easy and it comes naturally just like playing the game in reality.

2. Speech and Facial Recognition: The camera and multi-array microphone installed into the Kinect Sensor allows player to chat over Xbox Live easily and it is also able to do voice recognition easily. Its microphone enables the Xbox 360 to localize acoustic source and subdue ambient noises. The proprietary infrared imaging system allows for advanced gesture and facial recognition, allowing for automatic player detection.

3. Versatility: Kinect comes with Kinect Adventures, games designed for the sensor, offers various challenges as player progresses through the game. Kinect Adventures offers about 20 adventures, in which player(s) would have to navigate roaring rapids and go through a variety of obstacles and travel to exotic regions sans controller, wand or balance board. You can also add over 15 games which would turn any simple living room into fitness room, dance club or even sports stadium. Other Kinect games, including Kinectimals and Kinect Sports allow you and your family to enjoy a large variety of entertainments at great value, from the comfort of your own room. In addition to games, Kinect enables you to put your much loved movies and TV series, programs, music and ESPN’s live sports effortlessly.

4. Full-body Tracking: Featuring RGB camera and depth sensor, supported by state-of-the-art software, the device offers full-body tracking using motion analysis with feature extraction of 20 joints per player. The Kinect Sensor’s motorized pivot allows camera to adjust so that player is kept in frame even when moving.

5. Active Play: Compared to traditional video games that utilize controllers or sticks, Kinect Sensor encourages players to be active, it gets you off the couch and gets you moving, having fun, exercise and quality times together.