There are going to be many consumers who wonder why they should purchase the Kinect when they already have the Nintendo Wii. The Kinect has all of the capabilities of the Wii, plus additional ones.

Furthermore, the Kinect can be connected to any computer that has a Microsoft Windows operating system. It also contains a wireless broadband connection. This has improved the easy of the process of transferring movies and pictures.

You can even use the Kinect with your Netflix account. For the summary of this Kinect sensor review, the Kinect should be purchased solely for the degree of involvement that it requires from the user.

Dance_Central_Spotlight_Xbox_OneThe Kinect sensor is quite small. The sensor is in a bar shaped horizontally which connects to a small base that has a motorized pivot.

The Kinect sensor comes with a camera, a sensor and microphone. It is designed to be capable of 3D motion capture, voice recognition and facial recognition.

For now, the voice recognition capability of the device is only available in the United States, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom. It will be available in other areas.

What will the owners experience with the Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle is Basically, the Kinect Sensor recognizes its players’ body and projects it on the screen, so that their movements and actions become the controllers themselves.

The game requires at least six feet of available room in order to get maximum satisfaction. With Kinect Adventures, up to a group of four players could enjoy a frenzy of games that will make use of their bodies as the controllers of the game.

Some games include drifting into the galaxy, coursing through rapids, climbing mountainous obstacles, diving through creepy marine labs, and many more. Players get to enjoy most activities by reaching out their hands, jumping, making hand gestures, and even rolling around the room.

Healthier a while having fun

The motion sensor is similar to that of sensing a control but in this case the motion sensor senses you and tracks your every move. Kinect is easy to use, simply place the sensor centered between your TV anywhere from two to six feet above the ground. Be sure it is secure so it does not move.

Kinect sensor is so easy to use anyone can play, even those with no experience. Simply move your body and you are in the game. Kinect will react to your actions.

One reason you need the new sensor from Microsoft is for the health benefits it delivers to you and your family.

People are always going to play video games (there is no going back now), so don’t just let your friends and family sit on the couch and possibly develop metacarpal tunnel syndrome from repeatedly using traditional controllers, get up and be active, interact with full body Motion Controller, get in the game and live healthier while having fun at the same time.

With the release of the new Microsoft Xbox Kinect for 360, there are now three main competitors in the world of motion controlled video game sensors. Will Microsoft’s new peripheral have what it takes to make the Xbox the motion sensor system on the market or will the Nintendo Wii continue to reign supreme, Or will the Xbox Kinect fall behind the Kinect Sensor certainly changes the way kids play video games. No more sitting on the couch and playing.

Everyone moves to the fun with Kinect Sensor. You will hear you kids laughing, singing and even dancing. Control free playing seems to be the way to go, use your body, hands and voice. Kids all over are having a ball with the new Kinect Sensor.