The fact that the Kinect completely removes controllers and allows players to fully interact with the system only through motion and voice commands really sets it apart from the competition. While the Wii already has a large following of fans, the innovation new Xbox Kinect sensor is sure to bring-in a whole new audience to Microsoft’s world of motion controlled video games.

kinect-sensor7Different from the conventional video games that utilize two-dimensional cameras and controllers, the motion sensor game device monitors players’ full body movements in three-dimensional imaging, while it is programmed to be able to give appropriate responses to commands, directions, even recognizing different emotions in your voice.

Without having to use any controller, the device uses sensor to track players’ movements, voices and faces – so in essence, players are the controllers.

The Kinect software was developed by Microsoft with developer PrimeSense bringing in their expertise for the implementation of the 3D range camera technology. The Kinect software requires around 175 MB of storage space and will therefore require an Xbox 360 with an integrated hard drive of sufficient capacity.

The Kinect sensor has a range of between 1.2 and 3.5 metres (or 3.9-11 ft) and an angular range of 57 degrees horizontally and 43 degrees vertically. In addition to this, the range can be adjusted by the integrated motor tilting the sensor up to an additional 27 degrees up or down.

kinect-sensor2Ever since the computer was invented, life has become easier. It enabled everyone to do things that were thought of as impossible in earlier times.

People can now communicate with their loved ones who are abroad through chat and even see their loved ones through the camera. Student’s lives were also made easier because they can now do painless research through the World Wide Web.

Not only are computers used in business and in schools, they are now also used for numerous recreational activities like gaming and exercise. In conjunction with this, a variety of gaming consoles and devices have been created by different companies.

Kinect is one of these and Kinect games are quickly becoming a very popular choice for fun.
Kinect Sensor brings a new dimension to playing games and fun!

Complete body movements

Kinect sensor is a gaming technology which is about to launching in the year. Many people are looking forward for Kinect Sensor. The easy to play games technology Kinect provide you a gaming experience like never before.

Microsoft Kinect previously was kinect-sensor1known as project natal which tracks your complete body movements with Spotlight Sensor. Kinect entertains you with provision of the facility of playing games with a controller.

Kinect is compatible with all Xbox 360. Dissimilar to 3-D cameras and controllers, Kinect provides you the tracking of your 3-D complete body movement when retorting to commands and directions and even a variation in your voice.

With Kinect sensor while playing you use all your body like head, hands and feet. While as a controller you not only control the superhero, you are – yourself a superhero. Your body moves all tracked with sensor from head to toe to provide you the complete fun of gaming experience.